GBM Components provides quality products and an excellent customized customer service with high skilled staff. The company works in the metal and mechanical industry, for the working, cut, bend and welding of semi finished pipes and iron rods, steel and aluminum ON CUSTOMER’S DESIGN. This type of processing needs both experience and passion to make a perfect shape, even from the aesthetic point of view.


Quality products

We can work on either a small or a big scale, staring from rough material, also providing painting and chromium plating services, up to the final assembling.

50 years of experience

Our great experience in the field and our strong connotation make us the ideal reliable partner for our customers for a mutual growth. We build metal bunk beds for community centers, hostels and shelters.

Advanced technology

Programming through a specific 3D software allows us to manage complex profiles simulating the right processing cycle.

Punctuality and Efficiency

Our goal is to provide a high quality product in a short time, always keeping in touch with our customer, who will always be updated on the processing steps.

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Luggage carrier support kit, chest, box and bag support, decoration and bunk beds for community centers.


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