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Our operating structure allows us to work on wither small scales or great orders, starting from rough materials, also providing painting and chroming services, up to the final assembling.


Automatic - Year 2015 - For pipes with diameters from 8 to 20 cm

BLM SMART is a visually graphic operated pipe bending machine in 3D (VGP3D) for many needs. Suitable for bending pipes with complex shapes usually used in the automotive sector.


Automatic - Year 2001 - For pipes with diameters from 12 to 30 cm

BLM SWING works with a right/left bending orientation, allowing to also process small and complex pieces. This machine marked the passage from a simple to an automatic bending, with an important technical achievement.

BLM E-TURN - Pipe bending

Automatic - Year 2010 - For pipes with diameters from10 to 40 and iron rod from 10 mm to 16 mm

This machine works with a completely electronic right/left bending orientation using a 3D software which simulates the feasibility and its relative optimal cycle (in terms of time and costs) highlighting possible collisions between machine and pipe.

Welding Twin OTC Anthropomorphic, 6 Axes Robot

Year 2016 – Simultaneous welding - Double horizontal lathe positioner

Advanced machines, for a precise and serial production.

Motoman MS80 Robot

Year 2016 - Anthropomorphic Type - YASKAWA

This automatic robot, operating in its own protected environment, deals with huge materials handling during production.

Soldering Facilities

We can also rely on an automatic soldering plant with rotating table. We are happy to give you the best, and the best only.

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